Photoshop Artwork

Beeple Remix


Above (Black and White) – Andrew Michael Golden – Beeple Remix

Below (Color) – Original Beeple “Everyday” 

I created this image in Photoshop by remixing a piece created by the artist, Beeple.  He is one of the worlds leading Cinema4D artists, which is the software program used to create high-end computer and motion graphics for commercials, television shows, and large scale music productions.  Beeple created the concert visualizations for the Zedd’s True Color’s concert tour, as well as created visuals used by Deadmau5, Skrillix, and Avicii.  He creates hyper photo real sci-fi landscapes and environments, some he animates and others in still art.   

The primary image I used to create this piece was from an “Everyday” he created back in February of this year, which is a 7 year art project in which he creates a new piece every single day and posts it to his Tumblr and Instagram.  He also makes some of his work available Creative Commons, for other artists to openly use for commercial and non-commercial use, which has given vetted and new artists ability to learn and create off his skills elevating their projects and talents to higher levels.  

I just about crapped my pants when I saw his piece “Zero Day” for the first time, which is a short film he made using elements and pieces he has built over the years from his “Everydays”.  If your interested in this kinda thing, you should definitely check out Zero Day on his website, and also his Tumblr to see all this “Everydays”.