I wear a couple of different hats professionally, but I’m best described as a director, editor, visual effects artist, and magician. 
For 7 years I worked at Nickelodeon, as a visual effects artist on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Monsters Vs. Aliens. Later, as an Animatic Editor on the new Dora The Explorer show Dora and Friends
I also worked as an Editor at Pure Imagination Studios, where I edited the official trailer for LEGO: Guardians of the Galaxy – The Thanos Threat, the animatic for LEGO: Black Panther, as well as did VFX for Justice League : Battle For Metropolis at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  
I’m focused on creating my own high end content for my YouTube channel RabbitHole Videos, where I challenge myself to blur the lines between imagination and reality.  On my channel, I create videos focused on animation, magic, music, and VFX driven content collaborating with other YouTubers, artists, musicians, and creators from around the globe.
I’m currently working as an Editor at Six Point Harness. 

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